Welcome to Kremnica

Kremnica is commonly attributed as golden. The coins minted in the past supported many rulers. The historical picture of Kremnica is made of the mosaic of stories hidden in every street and house...

Town Castle

It comprises of a complex of buildings from the 14th - 15th century and is protected by the double fortifications which are linked with one of the best preserved town walls in Slovakia.

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Skalka relax centrum

Prepared to serve to professional and also recreational sportsmen all year round. The most popular and most visited part of the facility is wellness, which allows to regenerate your body after more or less intensive training.

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Kremnica GAGS

The international show of polite humour, independent satire and cheerful recession of the old tradition (1981) takes place here every year in the end of August.

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Cyklo route Krahule - Kremnica

The lenght of cycle route: 21km
Difficulty: sport, bicycle: MTB
Surface: asphalt (roads of II. and III. gr.), macadam (forest pathways) Elevation: 670m
Altitude /m/ and spots distance (km): Krahule /450m/ - Skalka /1218m/ (5km) - saddle Tri kríže /1200m/ (5,5km) - Chalet Kostinec /1100m/ (1,1km) - Partizánska Valley /740m/ (6,6km) - Kremnica /550m/ (3km)

The cycle route connects mountain village Krahule with the town of Kremnica. Suitable starting point is crossroad just above the village, where more cycle routes meet, including International road E8. From there asphalt road continues among chalets above the village. Later it changes into gravel and field trail. It continues in direction to Skalka along the road, which crosses downhill slopes. You can have a beutiful view of Kremnica Mountains surrounding hills and of Krahule, situated at its foot. Behing the curve turning to the left it gets to Y shaped crossroad. It continues along the trail on the left, which is the part of White Track Route during winter. It leads through forest terrain up to Skalka, where refreshment is available in some of the recreational centers. If you decide to take the trail on the right it takes you to Skalka too, but terrain is more difficult, it is steeper. It continues towards to TV broadcaster, passes by orientational board with tourist map and guidepost on the left. It turns to left and forest trail takes you up on the ridge of Kremnica Mountains. The trail continues together with red trail for tourists. From the ridge you can have nice views of the villages situated at the foot of Kremnica Mountains - Králiky, Kordíky, the town of Banská Bystrica in background on the right, with Panský diel rising above it. When weather condition is good you can have views of Špania Dolina surroundings and peaks of Low Tatras Mountains - Chopok, Ďumbier and even Kráľová Hoľa. The cycle route continues along the rigde, parallely with red trail to saddle Tri Kríže. The trail goes down from the ridge at Zlatá studňa spot. It continues along pathway, which is left of the ridge. (parallely with the main ridge). On the right side there is a narrow, steep pathway with blue trail for tourists. It ascends along it, up to saddle Tri Kríže. There is a double cross, newly constructed in 2003 (was demolished by vandals), which indicates an old significance of this spot. Trail takes you from the saddle to chalet Hostinec, where you can re-fill water from spring. There are several possibilities, how to get to Kremnica from here. You can choose sligthty descending trail to Šindliarka. Behind curve turning to the right it continues downhill along forest pathway to chalet Chata pod čerešňou. There is a shelter to have rest and a spring of drinking water. From the chalet it continues along asphalt road (look out for ramp, it might be closed!) and hooks up on main road from Kremnica to Krahule/Skalka above road tunnel, nearby Toliar. Here you can decide for comeback to Krahule or to continue further to Kremnica.