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Kremnica is commonly attributed as golden. The coins minted in the past supported many rulers. The historical picture of Kremnica is made of the mosaic of stories hidden in every street and house...

Town Castle

It comprises of a complex of buildings from the 14th - 15th century and is protected by the double fortifications which are linked with one of the best preserved town walls in Slovakia.

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Skalka relax centrum

Prepared to serve to professional and also recreational sportsmen all year round. The most popular and most visited part of the facility is wellness, which allows to regenerate your body after more or less intensive training.

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Kremnica GAGS

The international show of polite humour, independent satire and cheerful recession of the old tradition (1981) takes place here every year in the end of August.

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Tourist-Educational Route Green Trail

We offer you a medium difficult walk for 2 or 3 hours, with the length of 7 km, with the elevation of 450 m.

The tourist-educational route's starting point is below Vejmutovkov Undergrowth (coherent vegetation of flat pine, average hight of trees is 23m, age 100 years), where the 1st board informs visitors about the route, its stop points and the whole trail. From state road to Skalka you ascend to the upper border of NR Bujačia Lúka with another board, which informs about this nature reserve. The reserve introduces locality of precious flora situated in low altitude, mainly Heuffelov saffron. The locality is important from scientific-research, educational and cultural point of view. When you cross railway track, you will find yourselves by the 1st "small grant", where you get to know more about animals, which live in the forest. Taking the route of educational trail you can recognize the footprints of lynx, forest roebuck, predacious fox and brown bear.

The trail continues along the road, which served to take down stones for railway construction in 1869-72 and is also the tourist trail to Tri studne (Three Wells). Behind the 2nd "small grant", go through the Rocky gorge Hamovka. Do not forget to turn right from the blue trail. 150m further you find yourselves by Kormodyho jaskyňa. It was formed, when stone was mined during railway construction.

The trail continues along the traverse pathway up to Vajánka. Those, who do not feel like to undergo the steep ascend to Kremnický Štós via Alžbetina skala, can take the shortcut through the so call panel road to railway station. After the steep ascent to Kremnický Štós you can have beautiful views of mountain meadows with plenty of flora. Heuffelov saffron, gold lily, toxic daphne grow here. Natural reserve Kremnický Štós is part of late volcanic Kremnica Mountains. By disintegrating of lava flows and pyroclastics with various external and internal conditions of this process was created morphologically valued scenery of rock formations groups. Rock formations are sorts of walls, rocky bastions, spurs, towers and massive rocky rubbles.

From the Kremnický Štós view point you can have beautiful views of the ancient town of Kremnica, mountains that rim Kremnica - Calvary, Brezový vrch, Šibeničný vrch (Scaffold Hill), Šturec, Jarabica, Krahulský štít and Trnovník. From beautiful submontane meadows you can continue around old larch undergrowth and along the slightly declined slope descend to Jazerný dvor (Lake Courtyard) and to railway station.