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Kremnica is commonly attributed as golden. The coins minted in the past supported many rulers. The historical picture of Kremnica is made of the mosaic of stories hidden in every street and house...

Town Castle

It comprises of a complex of buildings from the 14th - 15th century and is protected by the double fortifications which are linked with one of the best preserved town walls in Slovakia.

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Skalka relax centrum

Prepared to serve to professional and also recreational sportsmen all year round. The most popular and most visited part of the facility is wellness, which allows to regenerate your body after more or less intensive training.

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Kremnica GAGS

The international show of polite humour, independent satire and cheerful recession of the old tradition (1981) takes place here every year in the end of August.

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Historical sights

The riches coming from mining and minting reflected in the face of Kremnica

Newly built town castle, secured by two walls fortification in the late 14th century, was the seat of the town council and the royal mining and minting chamber. Due to security reasons the mined precious metals and gold and silver coins were stored here. The castle church the oldest cemetery, prison, parish and town hall stood here.

Burgher class forming from the mining and metallurgical entrepreneurs, mining and mint clerks started to build their new centre under the castle hill during the 14th century. On the square the impressive gothic rock houses of the crossing and great hall types were built. In early 15th century the fortification around the square was built with defense bastions and 3 town gates - Horná (upper), Dolná (lower, the only preserved until today) and Bystrická (small). In the 14th century the construction of a new parish church of Virgin Mary started on the square. Due to security reasons the mint, so called new chamber yard with the most important plants - precious metals warehouse, purity of gold processing plant, golden and silver coins mint, vault and the mint administration were moved to the north-western part of the square in the first half of the 15th century.

Even though many of the houses were torn down after the World War II, most of the sumptuous, originally gothic buildings were preserved until the present time. Monumental trinity column built in 1765-72 , large Franciscan monastery from the mid 17th century and the mint belong among the dominant sights on the square. Since 1425, when Kremnica was awarded the right to organize markets, the square became not only trade, but also cultural and social center of the town. Besides the plaque column a few architectural elements complete the composition of today's square. Baroque fountain situated in its northern part is probably made by D. Staneti. Originally the statue of Neptune was its central element. Meteorological column was built in early 20th century in place of the former butcher store (right). Metal cabinet with glass doors sits on the shank with double staircases with profiled base. Inside is the original repaired meteorological equipment: barometer, hygrometer (thermometer is new). The cabinet is protected by decorative roof with profiled ledge and dome with cardinal points.