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Kremnica is commonly attributed as golden. The coins minted in the past supported many rulers. The historical picture of Kremnica is made of the mosaic of stories hidden in every street and house...

Town Castle

It comprises of a complex of buildings from the 14th - 15th century and is protected by the double fortifications which are linked with one of the best preserved town walls in Slovakia.

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Skalka relax centrum

Prepared to serve to professional and also recreational sportsmen all year round. The most popular and most visited part of the facility is wellness, which allows to regenerate your body after more or less intensive training.

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Kremnica GAGS

The international show of polite humour, independent satire and cheerful recession of the old tradition (1981) takes place here every year in the end of August.

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Horský hotel Minciar*

Horský hotel Minciar sa nachádza v srdci Kremnických hôr, v rekreačnom stredisku Skalka (1 127 m.n.m) vzdialenom len 11 km od centra mesta Kremnica.

V hotelovej časti s kapacitou 90 lôžok ponúka útulne zariadené izby s dvomi prípadne tromi lôžkami, s kúpeľňou a sociálnym zariadením 

Turistická časť s kapacitou 40 lôžok je vhodná pre lyžiarske kurzy, alebo turistické oddiely. Sociálne zariadenia sú tu spoločné na chodbách. 


Horský Hotel Minciar

Partizánska dolina 531/21
Skalka pri Kremnici

Tel.: +421 45 6743 933
Mob.: +421 911 590 740